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Gifted vs non-gifted singers

What separates naturally gifted singers from non gifted singers?

My name is Adam Mishan, I'm a singer songwriter and vocal coach and today I'm going to tell you guys about the difference between naturally born singers and those who are not so gifted.

As many of you may know based on my singing transformation video

I am NOT one of those who was blessed with a beautiful voice from a very young age. I actually had very little talent to begin with and I had to develop my voice over many,many years.

Over my years of learning to sing, I saw many singers who seemed like it just came so easily for them and I've wondered and put a lot of thought into what separates those singers from singers like me.

The main difference between naturally gifted singers and non-gifted singers is the fact that naturally gifted singers are much better at IMITATING.

Just like with language acquisition a big part of learning to sing is being able to mimic others.

When a person takes singing lessons a big part of the lesson is hearing what your vocal coach or teacher is doing and trying to get that exact sound in your voice.

The closer you can mimic them the faster your development as a singer will be.

When it comes to singing somebody who is naturally gifted is able to mimic without the need for exterior guidance.

They're able to listen to a singer on the radio, hear exactly what they're doing and then reproduce that in their own voices.

A singer who is not naturally gifted needs to learn this skill of imitating and how exactly they should be making the sounds that are created by good singers.

This process of learning the proper sounds and how they should be produced is a big portion of what singing lessons are all about.

The deeper your awareness of how different sounds feel in your body, the closer you will get you closer to singing properly.

So I hope this answers a few questions for you guys. If you have any questions leave a comment down below. If you disagree with me then leave a comment down below and we can have a discussion about it!

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Leonard Patat
Leonard Patat
٢٤ مايو ٢٠٢٢

I definitely agree that mimicking is a significant component of picking up singing faster. Although, I also believe other factors may contribute to picking up singing quickly, too. I am sure there is genetics at play in terms of picking up new skills as well. In short, even though that is most likely one of the biggest factors, I am sure other things go into making a singer a "gifted" singer or not. Nice blog post! I would LOVE to see you write more, for I like your writing style. 😁

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