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Welcome to AM Vocal Studios, my name is Adam Mishan and I’m a vocal coach who was NOT born with a good singing voice. I developed my voice from scratch and can show you how to do the same!

I am living proof that you DON’T have to be born with a good voice to learn to sing really well. I will show you step-by-step how to take your voice to the next level whether you are a beginner or professional singer.

Come prepared with a song you are working on. My focus is on YOUR goals and aspirations; we study the songs YOU want to learn.


"Before my first lesson with Adam, I thought I was a lost cause. 


I never knew you could learn how to sing until I heard what Adam used to sound like and what he sounds like now.


After only 5 lessons with Adam , he was able to identify and correct many of the problems I had with my voice."



"I was fed up with never being able to express myself with my singing voice. I have always had an airy/raspy tone to my voice which makes it hard to sing.


I took a chance and started taking lessons with Adam. Every lesson lead to a noticeable difference in my vocal ability.


 In just a few months I went from my friends asking that I not sing in the car to having strangers compliment my singing voice and saying that they wish they were born with that kind of talent."



Roey H.

"Adam is highly professional, incredibly insightful and has an uncanny ability to spot the underlying issues in my voice and singing and offer a solution.

In a matter of weeks my confidence in public speaking shot way up, and so did the positive feedback I received from those who have heard me sing.

My breathing and speaking habits have also dramatically improved!

A wonderful teacher, I highly recommend Adam!"