Frequenly Asked Questions

How can I suggest a song for you to react to?

Please comment any suggestions on my YouTube videos. 

What do I need to do to prepare for a lesson?

Pick out a song that you want to work on. Write down any questions you have about your voice. Stay hydrated. Read this FAQ all the way through.


What is a lesson like?

In a voice lesson I will have you sing vocal exercises to help you figure out what singing healthily feels like. Exercises are the most efficient way to teach technique, as they allow me to change one variable at a time to figure out what works best in your voice.

After exercises I like to apply those techniques to a song of your choosing. Please have a song chosen, and a device that is able to play it for you to sing along with.

If you are still curious about how a lesson is structured, book one! Signing up for one lesson does not make you commit to a package of lessons.


What equipment is necessary for lessons over the internet?

A device with a webcam and microphone. Reliable internet. Having headphones for the video-chat device, and having a secondary device that can play tracks to sing along with is also very helpful. 


How many lessons will it take to be able to _____?

There’s no way to tell. Everyone’s journey is different. I believe everyone can learn to sing, but some people have a higher affinity to it. Whether they like it more, or are practicing more, some people progress faster than others. That doesn’t matter if you are trying to sing because you love to sing and want to express yourself better.


Should I send you clips of me before I book a lesson?

Nope, it’s not necessary. But, if you would like a critique of your voice, I offer that here.


Is there an age requirement?

There is no hard and fast rule for what age you need to be to succeed with voice lessons. What is more important is the student’s ability to focus for at least 30 minutes, and follow directions. If I believe lessons aren’t a good idea, I will try to be tactful and honest.


Do you work with beginners?

Yes! As long as someone is patient, passionate about singing, and willing to work hard. I think I’m a pretty good guide through the wilderness of figuring out your voice. If you’re having fun, voice lessons are worth it. If you feel like you are being challenged, thinking critically about your instrument and preconceptions, or learning more about how to grow as an artist, voice lessons are worth it. If you need to sing at your wedding in 3 weeks voice lessons are also worth it.


How often do you suggest beginner singers take lessons?

For people looking to make consistent progress, 60 minute lessons every week are ideal. This gives us roughly 30 mins to work on pure technique and 30 mins to work on applying it to your singing. However, 30 mins once per week is much better than 60 mins every two weeks. Frequency is important when we are building proper habits in the voice.


Do you work with shy singers?

Yes. I do my best to tailor my lesson plans to whoever my client is. If you think it’s not a good fit, or I don’t think it’s a good fit, I am happy to refer you to other teachers who may be able to help you better.


Do you teach _____ genres?

I teach vocal technique and try my best to encourage healthy vocalization. This is independent of genre. That being said, yes I do work with the genre you are thinking about.


Will you react to a video of me?

Yes go here.


What is your rate?

My current rate is $110 USD per half-hour lesson and $200 USD per hour. This is liable to change.

I also offer 5 and 10 lesson packages as well.


What time zone are you in?

I live in Israel. If you are interested in seeing how my teaching schedule fits with your time zone, my scheduling tools makes the adjustment for you.


Do you work with international students?

Yes! As long as you’re able to have lessons during my working hours I am happy to work with international clients. I am also open to working with people who don’t speak English if they are up for a fun and silly experience.


What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 hour’s notice to apply your payment to another lesson. Because so many people are interested in booking lessons, late cancellations don’t allow others to pick up lessons when they become available.